Happy New Service Year!

IKR. An entry. Finally. Not that anyone noticed. Sorry, I keep on saying that. So, why now? I GOT THE LETTER. It's official. I am a regular pioneer. Bet you didn't see that coming. Not that I bet or anything. A REGULAR PIONEER. Spending 70 hours each month in the preaching work. Definitely giving me … Continue reading Happy New Service Year!



Haven't blogged for more than a year! 😧 Not that anyone cares. LOL. Whatever. Still wanna say...I'm kinda moving my blogging thing on tumblr. So, see you there? 😜 U creep.

Incubus And 30 Seconds To Mars Live In Manila

28th. Totally prepared for the night with R. But when we got there...SOLD OUT GA tickets. We should've bought earlier.  We walked around the dome looking for scalpers...but no one came near us. So. we. didn't. watch. the. concert. at. all. Next ticket price: P1585. NVM. Laugh trip. Epic fail. We ate somewhere befre heading … Continue reading Incubus And 30 Seconds To Mars Live In Manila