Happy New Service Year!

IKR. An entry. Finally. Not that anyone noticed. Sorry, I keep on saying that. So, why now? I GOT THE LETTER. It's official. I am a regular pioneer. Bet you didn't see that coming. Not that I bet or anything. A REGULAR PIONEER. Spending 70 hours each month in the preaching work. Definitely giving me … Continue reading Happy New Service Year!



Haven't blogged for more than a year! 😧 Not that anyone cares. LOL. Whatever. Still wanna say...I'm kinda moving my blogging thing on tumblr. So, see you there? 😜 U creep.

Incubus And 30 Seconds To Mars Live In Manila

28th. Totally prepared for the night with R. But when we got there...SOLD OUT GA tickets. We should've bought earlier. Β We walked around the dome looking for scalpers...but no one came near us. So. we. didn't. watch. the. concert. at. all. Next ticket price: P1585. NVM. Laugh trip. Epic fail. We ate somewhere befre heading … Continue reading Incubus And 30 Seconds To Mars Live In Manila