Happy New Service Year!

IKR. An entry. Finally. Not that anyone noticed. Sorry, I keep on saying that. So, why now? I GOT THE LETTER. It’s official. I am a regular pioneer. Bet you didn’t see that coming. Not that I bet or anything. A REGULAR PIONEER. Spending 70 hours each month in the preaching work. Definitely giving me series of challenges. Here are some of them…and how I’m trying to overcome them.

First thing. The hours. They say time management and consistency. I guess I didn’t have both because I still thought I couldn’t do that 70 hours. And yes I still haven’t done it yet. I even find it hard to do 50 as an auxiliary pioneer. But…it is very possible for me now. Actually, I’ve always had the time. Since my unemployment aeons ago. I’m just spending most all of my time on sleeping in the morning then on my hobbies like watching shows and movies, reading, plus the internet! Ughhh. So, limiting my time on them now. And I’m already used to having little or no sleep…waking up early not to be late for morning field service. Next, we have a cart for public witnessing. That’s an enormous help. Esp when I don’t have enough bible studies yet. Yup, I’m one of those who do not do return visits. But that must totally change now!!! I mean, come on! That’s like the work of a pioneer!!! Oh, and I can always find a ministry partner/s. Or they “find” me.

It’s always been a challenge to me to talk to people. Strangers or not. I am anti-social or should I say selectively social? Thankful to those who talk to me first then. I have no problem in prolonging conversations. Okay, it becomes awkward just as it has started. Trying my best here to be friendly and to show genuine interest. Anyway, no reason at all not to speak about God’s Kingdom to everyone everywhere. Just like how Jeremiah felt about it. Jeremiah 20:9 says: “…But in my heart it became like a burning fire shut up in my bones, And I was tired of holding it in; I could no longer endure it.” Oh, I should also speak up to comment on meetings. I feel sick and uncomfortable when a number of people listen to what I say. But commenting is a form of praise to Jehovah and a source of encouragement in the congregation.

Then there are the films or series I watch, books I read that are not appropriate for a Christian let alone a pioneer. I keep on semi-ignoring warnings from our publications when it comes to choosing entertainment. So I guess I’ll never know what will happen next to Tyrion Lannister nor to Arya Stark. Unless, someone just narrates it to me. Bazinga! But the concerts…oh no I haven’t seen Muse live yet!

There’s also a possibility that I’ll pursue my career as a CPA. Everyone knows that’s a big joke. My license is about to expire and most probably won’t get renewed. I want a luxurious life but not enough that I’ll work hard for it let it distract me from pioneering. Besides, I live with my parents who are financially stable. Money can’t buy happiness. Because money is happiness. That’s from 30 Rock which I do not watch. Srsly tho, material riches are nothing compared to spiritual riches.

This may be my biggest challenge: my love life. Suitors like Patrick Stump, Matt Bellamy, James McAvoy, Aaron Paul. Just to name a few. Names have not been changed btw. Tried my best to say NO hence their current relationships.

None of these will work out without Jehovah’s help via holy spirit, spiritual food, congregation, and the like. Family, fellow brothers and sisters won’t leave me alone. Even if I want them to. Haaa! Srsly, they not just offer but actually give help in all those aspects I’ve mentioned.

Now I’m kind of open to a lot of volunteering and stuff. This is a challenge I don’t wanna face yet. Or ever. Kidding. Someday, I’ll step further away from my comfort zone.



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