I passed. HAHAHAHAHA! IKR???!!! 

After I took the exam…I just felt like…

10% Sure + 60% Hypothesis + 20% Hunch + 10% Whattheheck!!! =  OH NO. I kind of understand Law pretty well but I still had to guess a lot. Why didn’t they ask the stuff I know in Accounting?!?!?  They asked the parts I didn’t know!!! Hahaha. My laptop’s fault. It always appeared in front me whenever I was about to study.

I slept at 6am today and the exam result would be released after a few hours. So freakin’ fast! They texted me. And that’s how I knew. So they sort of congratulate me and I’m like… 

I am so grateful to God for this.


I still have to pack for my trip back in the land of Barbies + Kens.  Thanks girlfriends for the stufffff!


This is the future: Every time a stranger will talk to me, I’ll be like . And just when I’ll be about to leave LAX, I will realize that I got the wrong luggage. 


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