Incubus And 30 Seconds To Mars Live In Manila

28th. Totally prepared for the night with R. But when we got there…SOLD OUT GA tickets. We should’ve bought earlier. ย We walked around the dome looking for scalpers…but no one came near us. So. we. didn’t. watch. the. concert. at. all. Next ticket price: P1585. NVM. Laugh trip. Epic fail. We ate somewhere befre heading home. Haha. Wow. I just saved my P800. It’s a lot considering I don’t have a job yet. Oh well…I’ll just watch Incubus perform I Miss You and Pardon Me on YouTube. LOL. Good thing I don’t have a crush on Brandon Boyd. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ugh. This is all Jared’s fault. If he only arrived a little earlier, all things went accdg to plan! Hmph. Btw, it’s sad and funny at the same time for only twoย fans welcomed Mars at the airport.ย We should’ve gone there too! 2 + 5 = better than 2 + 0. ๐Ÿ˜› We missed the concert anyway. Darn.

29th.ย Got no sleep. Couldn’t stop chatting A and Y until 2 in the morning about the Mars’ arrival.

Today’s the day I’d see Jared Joseph Leto!!! Again.

Early stalking meeting the band. A and I went directly to their hotel–EDSA Shang. And ohmiga. Fail again. We had no idea what on earth we’re doing there.ย Men in black kept on talking to us. We’re paranoid over the cameras too. I’m not sure though, if they saw us going to every floor, holding the elevator. LOL! When we’re about to give up…something came to our knowledge. The presscon will be held in the hotel. ๐Ÿ˜‰ So we waited and waited. Saw local celebs. Idc. B and Y finally arrived and with something to give to the band! Sadly, there’s still no sign of them. We waited more…made friends…and realized we’ve been waiting for nothing. The band’s already in the conference room. Without. us. noticing. WTH!!! ย Next time, we’d get connected to those men in black. All we had to do was ASK! St*pid. =)))))

Amazing Race with A to buy food for I haven’t had lunch yet and it’s 5 p.m. already. We got back just in time to see Shannon having a break! He’s friendly! Well, he must be. ๐Ÿ˜› A few more minutes and all interviews finally done…Shannon and Tomo went out. Where the heck was Jared?!? I should’ve looked for the secret passage thing but we followed Shannon and Tomo instead. Ugh. We’re such quiet paparazzi. We should’ve said something while following them. Then, we had a moment to take a picture with Tomo. He even kinda like grabbed A. โค But it didn’t happen. No one took our pic. We’re all beside Tomo posing. LMAO!!! ย So he left us. Bwahahaha. We still followed him, though…and this time, we had a real pic with Shannon. Cool. That’s it. No Jared. WTFuuu…dge. He’s my ultimate goal that I’m willing to stalk in a hotel!

Here’s the vid:

ย We’re the only stalkers and yet the bodyguards are sooo doing they’re job pretty well. D:

Gruesome MRT ride going to Trinoma. I feel sorry for those who ride there EVERYfreakinDAY. Something must be done. Oh well, back to the concert…

It could’ve gone worse. It could’ve rained so hard that we’re soaking wet and with all the umbrellas up that we couldn’t see a thing…wait, that’s what just happened. Hahaha. Got a good spot but not really ’cause of the friggin’ Smart tent right in front of us. We’re sooo pissed we’ve said so many bad comments about the mgmt. Funny funny silver ticket holders. Sorry mgmt. Uhm, thanks for the free silver tickets btw.

Show wasn’t cancelled. Kjwan = front act. Just be done with it already! Ahaha. Mars came out. Finally.ย 

Philippines! I have to say Philippines, IKAW NA! -Jared Leto

Crazyyyyy night!!! Amazing performance!!! Watch it on YouTube. ๐Ÿ˜› Here’s the setlist:

  • Escape
  • A Beautiful Lie
  • Attack
  • Search And Destroy
  • This Is War
  • 100 Suns
  • A Call To Arms
  • L490 (Shannon on acoustic guitar)
  • Hurricane (Acoustic)
  • Alibi
  • The Kill (Acoustic) – with 5 fans called up on stage!
  • Night Of The Hunter
  • Closer To The Edge
  • Kings and Queens – lot of gold ticket holders got up on stage -_-

Few audience (Mars is a great band, where are you people?!) but we’re all screaming, singing, jumping!!! And it’s raining! Mud all over!!! Bwahahaha. I got wild ’cause J got wholesome! He said the ‘f’ word for like what…3 times only? Hehe. I was contained back in April 9 ’cause he’s sooo R-18,000 at that show.

Can’t help but get jealous on those who saw J close-up, who got called up on stage, was given guitar picks, got sigs, got hugged! ย If only the stalking thing succeeded. We were at the wrong side of the hotel. J was freakin’ walking around inside and we didn’t catch a glimpse of him. Not even his shadow. LOL. I hate being this obsessed.ย 


No one got pneumonia. ๐Ÿ˜‰ CPA pre-board exam tomorrow. Oh no. I can only think of how epic this night is!ย 


If the gift wasn’t given by Futuretainment to the band, we might k*ll her. =)))))ย 


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