Screw You CPA Board Exam! Hahaha.

I couldn’t seem to find time to review. Always busy with other things. I tried prioritizing. I just always put it at the bottom. 

I’ll surely fail if I keep up with this procrastination. I couldn’t even answer the quizzers without looking at my books. Or even when I’m looking at them. LOL. What the…  Haha. Oh well, I have 3 more months to recall the info. in my brain.  I just wish there are things to recall, you know. 

Oh and at the night before my pre-board exam, I’ll be at a concert. 30 SECONDS TO MARS Live in Manila!!!  I’m gonna see Jared Leto again!  (I soooo wanna stalk him in the airport/hotel. If he’s like 2 feet away from me and looking into my eyes… )If I failed that pre-board and didn’t watch the concert, that’ll be double depression. RIGHT?! Haha. I haven’t bought a ticket yet…still waiting for my friends. Where art thou???

Back to the real board exam… If I pass, I think I wanna be a forensic auditor. Yk, working for the NBI. Agent thing blah blah blah. But if it will endanger my fam/friends, then never mind. 😛

If I don’t pass, which is more likely to happen, maybe I’ll drink 10 bottles of Valium. Don’t wake me up. Hahaha. Okaaayyy… I won’t be suicidal, but really really disappointed. It’s like I wasted my freakin’ FIVE college years. 

P. S.

I’m currently reviewing in CPAR and I hate the environment in Manila.


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