30 Seconds To Mars Concert

I almost touched Jared Leto. Look: 

But I didn’t. Before I tell you why, lemme tell the story from the start…

My plane landed at LAX on April 8th (U.S. vacay). The concert’s tonight, April 9th. Good timing. I failed to buy tickets online. My aunt drove us to the venue–Gibson Amphitheatre, Citywalk–and we’d just buy tickets from there (15-minute travel by car). And yes, all tickets were SOLD OUT already. My heart sank. It broke into a million little pieces~… I am already here!!! 30 STM’s sooo within my reach now. LOL.

We didn’t give up, though. After looking and walking around, some guy went to us and sold us two tickets for 80 bucks. Cool. I thought it’s some kinda scam, but it turned out to be authentic. LOL. So there… My cousin N and I went in. Hohoho!

The concert started at 8:15 so it’s already starting when we got inside. Two sucky front acts. (Sorry. I just wanted to see Jared sooo badly.) Bought food…so expensive. Grrr. But we had no choice, we haven’t eaten dinner yet. Haha. (N put her food under her chair. When we came back for it, it’s already gone. Someone got hungry during the concert. :P)

At 10:00, 30STM finally came out. Wahhh!!! We’re so near the stage. Just after the mosh pit. Awesome!!! (Concerts in the Phils. are more expensive.) I thought I was really in a good position until a sumo-wrestler stood in front of me. WTH? Why not a kid? Good thing I was near the aisle so I could avoid him.

I recorded a lot. Ugh. I hate my cam. I hate my phone. But I have no choice. (SE Xperia Neo, you’ll be mine soon.) Hehe.

Then the highlight of my life the concert happened. Jared just appeared in the middle of the audience (near us!!!). N grabbed me and we went really near him. Her move surprised me since she’s just 10 and doesn’t think Jared is handsome.

WOW. Close-up JL. He’s really smoooooth and white. (Duh. He’s American.) I’m proud of myself for I was perfectly calm unlike the girls beside me who went crazy. :O Didn’t give me chills or anything with Jared’s hotness just in front of me. Maybe I’m so used to his face and bod now (thanks Tumblr and YouTube for that). He sang and sang with his acoustic guitar. I like the part where he sang Hurricane lyrics, “Do you really want me?” People just started screaming. Hahaha. He still kept swearing. Grrr. Dirty dirty mouth! Made me wanna kiss slap his lips so hard.  O_o

Then he started moving. I tried to pull N away so people couldn’t squish us in. That’s the most stupid thing I did. People started squishing us in because Jared was just in front of us! I could’ve touched him!!! I should’ve followed N right in. Ugh. We were squished in by giant Americans anyway. 😛

More rocking out after that. Jared really loves his fans. Sadly, I wasn’t invited to go up on stage during the last song. Oh well, it lasted for an hour and a half. This is the band’s hometown so they gave it all. Just as the audience did. I had a blast!!! One of the best grad gifts ever. \m/


Proofs I’m not crazy over Jared (just the right dose of obsession):

I didn’t…

…jump on him

…grab him

…shout “I love you Jared!!!”

…make a banner “Marry me Jared!!!”

…push people away to make my way to him

…fight the security to get near him

And… I wasn’t even that active in cheering, clapping, jumping, screaming, and singing. 😛 See?


I think I corrupted my cousin’s mind. Sorry Aunt L and Uncle M.


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