Diary Of A College Student Who Chose The Wrong Course No More

I had to change my blog title for it’s Β not appropriate anymore. Yesssss, I just graduated from college. Wahhh!!! I’m done with my 5-year course of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. What the?! I survived! Sooo many memorable moments that I cannot enumerate them all here. Sooo many that I cannot even mention one. O_o

I wonder if someone out there will hire me… Hmmm… I wanna work in one these companies (it’s okay to dream, right?):

OR maybe I’ll apply in GOYA factory just beside our house. LOL. But finding a job is not my priority yet. I still have to pass the CPA board exam this October. CPAR will help me on that. Leakage please. JK. You can say I’m a bum right now. But not really. I’m an auxiliary pioneer which means spending 50 hours a month of preaching and teaching about God’s Kingdom. πŸ˜‰ Time is running out. Everyone must repent in order to be saved. Did I sound really creepy? Hahaha!


I don’t wanna miss Miriam College but I think I will. -_-


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