I Didn’t Mean To Be Mean

I didn’t know D just had chickenpox until Solid talked about it in the car. And she was just seated behind me during the baccalau…I can’t spell it. During the b. mass practice. I even talked to her for a time. OM. To get things worse…I let her borrow my toga cap. Hohoho. Isn’t that stupid? Hehe. And then, she returned it…

This is the part where I got mean. First, I sat with my back fully extended away from her as long as my chair permits. LOL. (I was sitting in my place when she came to me.) Second, I refused to accept the cap. Third, I nodded when she asked if I was scared of her. Fourth, I asked her to put my cap in the sunlight tomorrow (which needed persuasion.) Fifth, I didn’t apologize immediately. But I texted her sorry. She didn’t reply, though.

Obviously, she got offended because she walked out of the practice. Or Idk. Uh oh. But she has to understand. This is a matter of life and death!! Okay, maybe that’s a bit exaggerated. But still! Hehe. I am so not immune to chickenpox. I can’t be sick because I’m pioneering and graduation is only like five days away! Oh, and I’ll visit Patrick Stump next month too. Mmmmm.

Because of this incident, I had to cancel my derma thing. I needed to take a bath immediately. I also took Vit. C. I really hope no virus survives in me.


I broke my guitar’s G string. I got more pissed. I hate this day.




I’m feeling itchy… And where is that thermometer?! Talk about being paranoid. πŸ˜›


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