Lost And Will Never Be Found

WTH. It’s just money, I know. But the amount isn’t immaterial! I’m still a student and not yet earning money. I could really buy a lot with that money. 😦

I know there are a lot of flaws on where and how I hid it in my room. But I put it in a place where no one would think some treasure is hidden there. I guess I was wrong. And I’m pretty sure it got stolen (I just don’t know who) because my money couldn’t just move by itself, right? Haha.

Well, I’ll just think as if the money never existed. Wait, I can’t. LOL. Hmmm. It was just given anyway (by the person I hate) so I didn’t really work hard for it. That could do. Ugh.

Calling Gil Grissom/Mac Taylor/Horatio Caine! Hahaha.

Here’s where I should’ve spent my money:

http://www.wishlistr.com/ssskellington/ 😀


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