Twitter Made Me Piss Off Celebrities

Only a few, OK. As in F-E-W. Some are verified, some are not. Some are local, some are not. Some blocked me, others just said mean words.

I can’t believe they’re too sensitive! Hmp. I’m not even pissing them off ’cause I like them. Hihi. I’m not making a big deal out of this but it’s occupying my mind right now and I haven’t blogged in weeks. Haha. Have I already said I’m not making this a big deal? Hmm.

Let me just tell the story that happened this afternoon on twitter. There’s this celebrity I keep on telling to verify his account ’cause he’s like REPLYING to my every tweet. And I would really like him not to be a fake. But in every angle, he. is. a. FAKE. Hahaha. Then, many girls just made war on me. Hahaha. Why? ‘Cause it looked like I’m the reason this celebrity is deleting his account. LOL! They even called me stupid blah blah blah. But who’s stupid when I’m not the one being fooled by a fake celebrity? Hahaha. I don’t really care but I had to defend myself. Hahaha. So I sort of replied to their tweets about me. I believe I’m on the right track! Bwahahaha. And I’m glad that there are still girls who didn’t fight with me. Hehe. So that was it. I don’t wanna mention names but I’ll post their pictures. KIDDING! Haha.

I have a question for you: Did you feel my anger? There’s none, right? πŸ˜‰ But those girls were REALLY mad at me. LMAO.

If you can’t help your curiosity, check out my twitter. I think the convos are still there. Hmm. Remember to be on my side! That’s a joke. Haha.


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