Love, Stargirl

Here’s the sequel to Stargirl I blogged earlier.

I just wanna blog my favorite words/parts/things. Haha. SPOILER ALERT. πŸ˜›

Nightblooming cereus. It takes a lot from the sun but blooms to the moon. Only one night for a whole year. I’m not sure if I got that right. Hahaha. Its uniqueness amazed me.

Nightblooming Cereus

Charlie’s love to Grace who died. They’ve been like forever so Charlie goes to the grave everyday and stays there the whole time. πŸ˜› It’s really sweet but he should know that the dead doesn’t feel or know a thing!!! Haha. (Ecclesiastes 9:5, 10)

Betty Lou’s mockingbird. Touching move by Stargirl. Read the book to know.

“If you start hating one or two people, you won’t be able to stop. Pretty soon you’ll hate a hundred people.”

I really like it since I hate almost a thousand people. Kidding. But it got me thinking. And I couldn’t believe this was just what it took me to stop from hating people. πŸ˜›

“My whole path was aglow.”

Again, you gotta read the book to understand that this makes sense. Haha. I was touched with this part! It’s a thing about her neighborhood. πŸ™‚

Winter Solstice
Winter Solstice

“It’s nice to know that the rain and snow that falls on you in a day or two will fall on me.”

It’s kinda creepy. But sweet…? Hahaha.

“The closest I could come to reliving the past was to tell my story to someone, the right someone.”

I don’t know if I found that ‘someone’ yet. 😦 Hahaha. Or maybe I just don’t tell my story to ‘someone.’ I tell it to ‘something.’

“Many girls have been romanced under the moon, and I don’t mean to say moonlight is overrated, but few I think have known the magic of a sunrise kiss.”



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