Cook David Archuleta Concert

16th of May 2009. It’s a Saturday. Woke up early for house-to-house preaching then bible study. I hate the sun so much! Haha.

It was 4:30 p.m. when we departed from Marikina going to Mall Of Asia via commute. As usual, MRT is so funny. It’s so crowded that we couldn’t breathe and C said she got lifted up from the ground (with the people pushing and pushing and pushing). LMAO. Hello! She’s like twice my weight. We finally got in at the 3rd train. Well, this is better than having to sit in a jeepney with 6 Cycle Mind on the radio and the smoke all over your face.

We arrived at MOA around 6 p.m. By that time we already walked a lot and we still walked a lot to find Tokyo Tokyo. Steamy hot rice coming! Haha. I ate 3 cups or should I say scoops? Hmm. I remember this same thing before. Haha.

After eating, we watched the concert. We didn’t buy any tickets so we’re just outside listening. LOL. Pathetic. Haha. It was so hair-rising to hear Archuleta’s voice live. LOL. I like his songs “You Can” and “To Be With You.” I saw him for like a second. Thanks to my cousin. We did the KimGerald napkin commerical thing. For a second. Hahaha. We didn’t finish his concert. We got back to the mall to try ice-skating. Sadly, it’s near its closing time. LOL. The movies tickets were all sold out. Haha. We got nothing to do. And by this time, my feet were like swollen from walking a thousand miles (which Archuleta sang earlier!). Before heading back to the concert, we saw cool fireworks. HAHA.

Oh, we were too tired to watch David Cook so we just sat near the body of water. Hehehe. My cousin and I are supposed to ride on a shuttle going to Laguna (where our relatives were currently swimming) but my dad didn’t allow us to. I was so mad at him for telling us to go home instead (he didn’t know what he’s doing LOL).

10 p.m. something we started walking to get home. Our feet are dying. LOL. We’re always walking in the wrong direction. We got on a bus to get to Cubao. First time. What an adventure. We were like laughing a lot on our seats at the rear part. People started looking at us so we stopped goofing around. It’s just funny inside the bus. From Cubao, we rode a jeepney (FXs are rare hehe) going back to Marikina. We’re all tired but were still laughing a lot. Haha. We saw someone we knew ride on our jeep (fellow witness). It was embarrassing because it’s already 1 or 2 in the morning and we’re still on the road.

We were full of germs. We watched Dragonball Evolution (which wasn’t really enjoyable) first before having a nice hot shower so we could rest our dying feet.

I hated myself for listening to my father. We should’ve just rode a shuttle going to Laguna that will take us there for just 30 minutes!!! Hmp.


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