Shimi, My Dog

Tuesday. 31st of March ’09. Whatta surprise. I was watching Gossip Girl and Princess Diaries when Dad came home with a dog. My dog. Here are some facts about her:

  • Dad’s client (a vet) bought it for me
  • registered as Stephanie by the previous owner
  • 4 months old
  • a shih tzu with beigey browny hair
  • smells good even though I hadn’t held her yet ’cause
  • she seems afraid of me

So, I just ignored her and kept watching TV. 90210. Whatta good start with my dog, eh?

Here are some names I thought of naming her (I really don’t like Stephanie for a dog):

  • Shimi – from my favorite Japanese food tuna sashimi (L’s idea)
  • Rooney -the vocalist is the guy in the Princess Diaries (Michael Moscovitz) and is my current crush
  • Skellington – from Nightmare Before Xmas
  • Chili
  • Archie
  • Chuck …I just like the ‘ch’

Obviously (with the title), I ended up naming her Shimi. I really tried to ‘bond’ with her the next day. But really, you wouldn’t hear me saying, “Hey Shimi!! How’s my doggy 2x?” LOL. I think it’s stupid. Maybe… if she was a pug, I’ll be more ecstatic. Kidding.

Now… after 5 days… I’m still not her master yet. Maybe because… I haven’t hugged her yet. And every time I touch her, I wash my hands afterward. LOL. You can’t blame me because she’s really filthy. We can’t bathe her yet since she just got vaccinated. I think we’ll bring her tomorrow to a groomer. Maybe after that she’s clean and everything, I’ll hug her, play with her more than 5 minutes, and even let her sleep in my room. MAYBE. Right now, I just let our helpers take care of her. So they’re like the masters of MY dog.



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