Meeting Fall Out Boy :D

It’s been days now since I last saw them but the moments are still fresh in my brain. LOL. It was February 12 and 13 of 2009. PATRICK STUMP is so CUTE!!! LOL. It was really an awesome experience. You know…meeting your ultimate crush. Bwahaha.

Doing things you thought you could never do is amazing. And that’s what mostly happened to me on those two days.

February 12, Mall of Asia…

I kind of forgot to wake up early. So R and I ended up going to Mall of Asia at 12 in the afternoon. There were so many delays! But the moments were so funny that we didn’ t get annoyed or something. We just laughed it all off. So here are the details… First, we rode LRT going to Cubao. And then MRT to Taft where we were like sardines. My oh my. Haha. R said she’s gonna faint. And I told her that if ever she faints, she’ll still be standing up. LOL. When we got there, we rode in a jeep going to MOA. We were not yet moving when police suddenly came talking to the driver. Bwahaha. He got caught of I don’t know what. So we had to transfer to another jeepney. R and I immediately bought albums in order to MEET and GREET the band. 26th and 27th. But we changed it to 99th and 100th. Then we had to leave. LOL. R needed to go to U.P. Diliman. Well…we kinda got lost going there. Bwahahaha. We rode in a wrong shuttle. It brought us to LRT 1. I was so glad R still knows the way on where we’re going. Gil Puyat to Doroteo Jose. I was like on a field trip. LOL. I finally saw the real Manila. Bwahaha. Recto is so dirty. Bwahaha. So LRT 2 now. Recto to Katipunan. I saw the different schools in U-belt! Bwahahahaha. While going to U.P., we saw an accident. Motor accident. At U. P., with the guide of friends and strangers, we got to our destination. R and I were so hungry, thirsty, and tired. It even rained when we’re walking. But we still got it going. Bwahahaha. So, I had to join R and her friends with the exhibit chuva going on. After 30 minutes, we had to go back to MOA. Well, this time…we’re fortunate. Haha. We got in MOA just in time for the arrival of FOB. We traveled for just 30 minutes. Cool. WAHHH!!! I was the last one to shake hands with Patrick and Pete. I’m so stupid I didn’t even talk. Bwahahaha. Patrick wasn’t cute at that time. In close-up, his hair’s like growing in different places on his face with different or no direction at all. Bwahaha. Anyway, I’m so disappointed I didn’t ask Patrick for a hug! I really intended to be the last one in order to do that. But I was just speechless. Bwahaha. R asked for Pete’s pen and he gave it to her without the cap. So we had to go to National Book Store to find a cap for it. But we didn’t. The pen that Pete used with a tag price of P19.75 is kinda rare. LOL. Finally, we could eat. Because of super exhaustion, I ate 2 cups of rice in Tokyo Tokyo. Or maybe 3. Bwahaha. We got home safe and sound. πŸ˜€ I think we walked a hundred miles this day. D:

February 13, Araneta Coliseum…

The concert. I was with my cousin J. We arrived on time. Hey Monday sang a lot. Haha. Then, J and I planned to jump. From GA (the cheapest) to Upper B. Haha. We almost nailed it!!! But we still got caught. It was so embarrassing!!! But at least, we experienced doing it. Haha. So Fall Out Boy came out and they were really great! Haha. Best night. Best concert. Hahaha. I’m not a fan. I just wanna clear that. Got home safe and sound. πŸ˜€

WOW. This is a long one. Gotta go. Still have to study for my quizzes tomorrow. It’s 1 in the morning and American Idol is still running in the TV. Haha.


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