Had a talk with my bestfriends. I didn’t speak most of the time. Am I hiding something? They opened up problems, and other disturbing things (also crushes that M apparently didn’t enjoy). C even cried. I just kept quiet while realizing a lot of things (need not to be written here, it’s all in the mind).

Couldn’t speak. Couldn’t tell. What?

But anyway, I enjoyed that night! After going to all of our bible studies (although many aren’t available) with C in the afternoon, we went to McDo to meet up with J and M. C and I really wanted to pee badly but we can’t! Due to very funny reasons.

After getting something to eat at McDo, the four of us stayed at M’s crib. Their new house. Cool. Clean. Nice. Had pictures taken. CUTE.

Oh btw, I really love it when the cold wind touches my face. Hope the weather stays like this for the whole year. πŸ™‚


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