Violence. Worldly Spirit. Hepa.

I read Watch Tower publications last night before studying for my quiz in Law later.

For CBS, violence. Yes, it’s really everywhere. From gladiators to domestic violence. From Pacquiao’s fights to PSP games. :-S We all know it’s not to be tolerated but almost all people tolerate it without even knowing. Even if a person just watches and doesn’t play violent sports, he’s still a part of it. It’s still loving violence. I think I’m one of them. Almost all of my PSP games show violence. Even if they’re just games or just cartoons, it’s still violence. If Jesus was beside me while I’m playing those games, he won’t stand it a bit. But it’ll be very difficult for me to stop playing those games. Ugh. Haha.

For Watch Tower study article, worldly spirit. I know I’m being affected by this. Thanks to this article and I’m being reminded again to try hard not to be influenced by this world’s spirit under Satan’s control. But then again, this is hard for me. I can’t stop watching Grey’s Anatomy even if it’s immoral. I can’t shift to a course that can give me more time to spend on spiritual things. Etc. Hehe.

Hepa.Β A brother’s experience in Watch Tower magazine Dec. 15, ’08 issue. A part in his life with the other missionaries was having a hepatitis. It’s because of the lifestyle they had as missionaries in Japan/Korea back in the old days. Truly a sacrifice. Even if we’re doing God’s will first, we’re still not exempted of the bad things that may happen. But the price in the end will be endless. πŸ™‚


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