Whoa! Look at the time. :-p I don’t wanna go to sleep but I’m so sleepy already. Haha.Β Well, I don’t want to because I’m still pissed of what just happened earlier in the evening.

I asked my dad’s permission if I can go to a music studio tomorrow at noon with my other band members (I still can’t believe I’m in a band). He didn’t want me to so I insisted. He really wouldn’t allow me not until he sees my grades are up. This really pissed me off!!! LOL. It means I can’t join the band until March. I was really calm at convincing him to say OK and suddenly he just raised his voice at me. LOL. OK, I know I wasn’t suppose to laugh at this. I just didn’t know how to react. Aww. Hahaha. Of course I’m not gonna cry or whatever. Ugh! I’m a really really really stubborn daughter. So uhm, he also wanted to ‘TALK’ with my other band members (Sorry, it’s my fault).

Hmm. Did I just had a fight with my dad?! Well, that’s a first (I really should’ve shut my mouth). Anyway, after feeling MAD for about 3 hours, I kind of feel good right now. Thanks to my best friend C., she’s there. πŸ™‚ Thanks to Y!M (had a chat with I. and M.), Myspace, Facebook, etc. for occupying my brain. Haha.

Whoops. My dad just asked what am I still doing in front of the computer. Gotta go!


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